i let the music speak

"Two and two together make four, every song opens a door"

can i marry this photo pls



"Now she’s here! The girl we’ve waited for for a long time. Listen to her - buy her - take her home - take care of her. What’s her name? Agnetha Fältskog.

Marlo: Look, I just wanted to buy a record. I just wanted to hear some music. This is a lot of responsibility here, man. Take her home? Take care of her? I can’t even take care of myself.

Raya: Given the collectible value of that 45, I’d probably take better care of her than myself. There’s no resale kickback if I’m in mint condition.

[Also, I only learned what rå om ngn meant today (to take care of someone/thing), and it is apparently a very cute and very nice way of saying it! -m]

I’d take her home and look after her;)


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Even I could see a light, if it wasn’t for the nights .

Guess my future would look bright, if it wasn’t for the nights.


Agnetha and Frida, ABBA girls.

ugh, they’re so perfect that it hurts.

ABBA in Paris.
ABBA in Paris.


I envy this cat. :)



Ohmygod. So Vogue.

omg Agnetha


Me when someone talks to me at school


Me when someone talks to me at school

aww baby


ABBA in Finland (i Finland / Suomessa), 1975

(from HS)

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